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Alamo, CA


Hit with Power offers private self defense seminars for small groups up to 10 women and girls. Once you gather your group, submit your request HERE.

Our mission: 

To empower women with basic self defense knowledge, tools and skills. 

Hit with Power seminars are rooted in ancient Kung Fu, a system of Martial Arts that emphasizes using the attackers force back against them. This a very effective form of self defense for women especially, as predators are often bigger and stronger than those they attack. 

Seminars focus on simple and effective ways to help you avoid real life attack situations whenever possible, while giving you the tools to handle those that can not be avoided.

We welcome up to 10 participants per seminar. Masks must be worn do to the proximity with which we work. 

Seminar Offerings

  • Self Defense Basics (90 minutes)
  • Off to College With Knowledge (2 hours)
  • Self Defense Basics + Sexual Assault Defense (2 hours)
Hit with Power
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“Just want to say thank you again for an amazing experience! You are incredible and Neven and I learned so much and truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. 

We came home that evening talking 1,000,000 miles a minute to my husband and my son. They were just as excited as we were LOL! Please put us on the list for phase 2 thank you so much!”

Kimberly S.

“Coach Michelle is outstanding in her skills and ability to convey knowledge customized to her audience. Our family did a small group self defense class attended by 5th graders ages 10 to 11. She conveyed vital information in an age-appropriate way. The girls stayed engaged and active, with lots of safe, hands-on practice, throughout while learning and internalizing the right & power they have to protect themselves. Not an easy subject to teach. Many thanks to Coach Michelle and her assistant coach for an amazing session that the girls are still talking about. Highly recommend for all.”

Catarina K.

“This self-defense class was even better than I had hoped! A group of mothers and daughters (some headed off to college) took Michelle’s course together and all came away much wiser and safer. Michelle did a fantastic job customizing her teaching approach to address our group. I am so glad we took this class and our daughters are now more prepared, if needed. I highly recommend this class!”

Amanda B.

“Michelle came highly recommended from a friend, so I signed my 18 and 20-year-old daughters up and then wound up partaking in the seminar along with them. I can honestly say that this was one of the most impactful ways we could have spent two hours. I am so glad to have been able to give my daughters this experience and knowledge, as they prepare to head off to college and to their adult lives. We not only learned important skills, but also became empowered to believe that we could and would use them if necessary. Michelle also emphasized the importance of setting our own boundaries, of being aware of our surroundings, and of listening to our intuition. These were all such important messages that Michelle imparted in a serious yet relatable fashion. I wish I had received them and this training when I was my daughters’ ages. But don’t wait until then! I highly recommend Michelle’s seminar for middle school and high school girls and women of all ages!”

Holly N.