Self Defense Training for Women and Girls

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Due to the pandemic we are not holding in-person classes. Please contact us for our online options. Thank you.

Our mission: 
To empower women and girls to use their voice and physical power without reservation when confronted by a person who intends to harm them.

Seminar Offerings

Hit with Power seminars are run by 2nd Degree Kung Fu Black Belt and World Champion Full Contact fighter, Michelle Brown. Kung Fu is a Chinese system of Martial Arts that helps potential victims understand how to use the attackers force back against them. This is critical component of self defense for women and girls,  as attackers are often much bigger and stronger than those they choose to attack. Scott, our live male “dummy” assists with the seminar in order to give the ladies a “real world” idea of what it will take to fend off a large male attacker.

  • Womens Self Defense Basics
  • Off to College With Knowledge
  • Self Defense for Girls

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Groups of 8 or more may book private seminars. Contact Hit With Power for open dates and pricing.

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“I highly recommend Michelle’s private self-defense classes. All three of my girls enjoyed Michelle’s approach and really listened to what she has to say. She provides a nice balance between talking to the girls and giving them sound, practical advice as well as physical training and practice. I’ve had her come twice so far and will definitely ask her back for several more sessions. Hopefully our girls won’t ever need to put into practice what they’ve learnt but I’d rather they are prepared just in case!” – Emma B., Lafayette, CA

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Hit With Power

Michelle Brown – CMES | CPT | CGT

Personal Trainer | Self Defense Instructor | Medical Exercise Specialist | Owner of Gumsaba | Kung Fu World Champion

  • ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Group Trainer
  • Gumsaba Head Instructor
  • Gumsaba Program Director
  • Wellness Program Director and Head Instructor CytoSport/Muscle Milk Headquarters
  • TRX Level 2 Certification
  • HIIT Training Certification
  • SCW Certidied Yoga Level II Instructor
  • InTrinity Certified Instructor
  • Trigger Point Myofascial Certification
  • Full Contact Kung Fu World Champion 2009
  • National Full Contact Kung Fu Champion 2001, 02, 09
  • 2nd Degree Bok Fu Black Belt
  • 3X Tough Mudder Finisher
  • 2X Spartan Race Finisher
  • CPR/AED Certified
Michelle’s has 12 years experience training in Chinese Kung Fu and Kuoshu and has been a certified personal trainer since 2001. 
She has traveled the globe competing against fighters of all styles and fought to win the World Kung Fu Tournament in Germany in 2009. 
Michelle is the owner of Gumsaba Custom Fitness in Alamo, and Gumsaba Outdoor Fitness Programs. Michelle also enjoys road trips, obstacle course races, trail running, hiking, snowboarding and waterskiing. On any given day you will see her and her dog Marcus on the Iron Horse trail. 
Coach Michelle Brown has been helping her clients make their goals a reality since 1998. She is passionate about her company Gumsaba and spreading the joy of fitness for people of all ages. 


“Michelle is truly a talented teacher! She does an excellent job explaining & can help break down the pieces to tailor it to the individual. She has amazing energy, is enthusiastic & is super motivating! She really cares about the individual and their needs! Michelle is also incredibly knowledgable & knows her stuff. I love how encouraging she is.” – Anna C., Lafayette, CA

“Megan and some of her friends took this course last summer before heading off to college.  It was VERY helpful.  I highly recommend it.  Coach Michelle is very accommodating on date/price/locations.  She came to our house and held the class in the garage and back yard.” – Pleasant Hill, CA

“Michelle led an amazing class on self defense to my daughter and three other young ladies this week! She gave them lots of great practical information and let them each practice some self defense moves. I would highly recommend anyone with daughters who are beginning to drive and especially when they are getting ready to leave for college take the class!” – Deidre W., Moraga, CA

“I love the Wednesday Hit With Power classes.  I am learning new things about my body and it helps me figure out what I need to work on.  I’m sore and I LOVE IT! I feel more mobile as well.  Can’t wait for next week!” – Laurén J., CytoSport Inc.

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