Hit With Power Private Self Defense Seminar

Booking June-July 2021


Hit with Power seminars are run by 2nd Degree Kung Fu Black Belt and World Champion Full Contact fighter, Michelle Brown. Kung Fu is a Chinese system of Martial Arts that helps potential victims understand how to use the attackers force back against them. This is critical component of self defense for women and girls,  as attackers are often much bigger and stronger than those they choose to attack.
Seminar Summary:
  • Vocalization skills 
  • Posturing 
  • Striking
  • Range
  • Targeting 
  • Escapes from holds and grabs
Seminars are held Gumsaba Custom Fitness in Alamo.
Seminar Location: 
Gumsaba Custom Fitness
34 Alamo Square Drive #150
Alamo CA 94507