Self Defense Basics Follow Up

Thank you for the opportunity to share self defense with your awesome daughters! Trusting me with this intense and emotional subject is asking a lot, and they all really put out a great effort. Below you will find the follow up information. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Stay Aware and Stay Safe!
Coach Michelle
Brush up by listening to my podcast, all the important points are covered. Find it on any streaming network or my website.
  • The best self defense goes UNUSED. Use your AWARENESS to AVOID.
  • Your number one weapon is your VOICE.
  • The top targets of on the body: EYES GROIN THROAT
  • Gateway targets: Ears, Feet, Shins, Ribs, Solarplexus
  • Go WITH the force, use the attacker for balance!
  • DO NOT STOP striking and screaming until you are out of range and RUN!
Repeat the same seminar – repetition will help you retain, and I have one for High School and College age when they are ready.
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