Hello Ladies. Per the 7th pillar of the HWP podcast, I’m covering some info on self defense weapons this week. Before I go into details, know that you MUST CARRY your weapon when you are moving through areas that require heightened awareness. If confronted with a predator, you will not have time for digging in a purse.

Tiger Lady is a lightweight claw that presents when you make a fist. It’s the perfect companion for runners, walkers and hikers. It requires some grip strength, and it also requires a strike to the skin, which is going to mean clawing at the face. Tiger lady takes DNA, which is clearly helpful in the quest of finding those that attempt attacks.

Tactical Flashlights are super handy, we keep them around the house. I walk my pup with mine, which keeps my phone in my pocket and my weapon in my free hand. Speaking of which, protective dogs are also a great deterrent.

Pepper spray can be a very useful weapon, but you need to know how to use it. You MUST cover the left eye with your left palm (right with right for left handed women) and that means you must have one free hand.

Tactical pens are a great addition to your arsenal. Aim for the soft targets we talked about in podcast 5, targeting.

There are many self defense weapons on the market. Choose the ones that suit your lifestyle best. I’ve included links to the ones that I recommend but would love some feedback from you in comments.

Stay strong ladies,